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Control of spiders is obtained not only through pest control but also by keeping homes clean of clutter and harbor areas. Cleaning up spider webs and food sources will help keep numbers down. Pest control will only help keep numbers down, not eliminate every spider.


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There are over 35,000 species of spider all over the world. Only about 2-3000 are known in the U.S. Spiders are found wherever there is adequate food, moisture and temperature. Every spider is considered a predator and in the U.S there are only two known types to be dangerous to humans (widows and recluses).

termite inspections

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Smart Pest Solutions offers termite inspections to real estate companies and homes for sale by owner. Inspections are complete and thorough with all necessary paperwork and reports. Inspections are valid for 90 days and if any problems are found free estimates are given. Termite inspections are required for all homes sold unless the buyer does not want one. Even brand new homes are vulnerable to termites

bed bug treatments

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Smart Pest Solutions offers bed bug treatments to residential and commercial accounts. Bed bug services may take several treatments and all estimates are free. A thorough inspection is done to determine the level of infestation and if the problem is actually bed bugs. If homeowners suspect bed bug activity they should address the problem immediately to keep the problem from escalating to the whole home. Spraying and dusting with chemical is done as well as educating the customer on what they can do. Homeowners should wash and dry all clothing and materials that can be put in the wash on high heat. Homes need to be clean and free of clutter to receive a thorough treatment. Smart Pest will not clean up clutter and clothes before treating. Fogging is sometimes necessary but not recommended in apartments and hotels

termite treatments

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Smart Pest Solutions offers termite treatments to structures infested with termites. Structures have to be measured to determine the price of the treatments. If homeowners suspect termite activity smart pest will inspect the area for free and give free treatment estimates.


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Smart Pest Solutions Services

Smart Pest offers many different pest control services. All services include free estimates.  General insect sprays can be performed all year. These services help keep insect levels down and under control. Most customers prefer 5 sprays per year, every other month in the spring and summer with one inside service dec-march. Inside and outside of the home can be sprayed depending on the customers wishes. General sprays cover many insects including: spiders, wasps, ants, roaches, rodents, centipedes, and millipedes


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Termites have been around for millions of years and will continue to exist long after human beings are gone. Termites continue to become resistant to some chemicals and new ways of treating are always being studied. People have to understand that discovering termites does not mean that the house will fall down. Termites can be treated and removed to protect the home.


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After termites are discovered and treated it is recommended that the homeowner keep up on termite inspections. Quarterly inspections can be done or at least annually. Homeowners should make sure that the contract includes a warranty or coverage if termites are found later down the road. Smart Pest covers customers for up ten years unless the homeowner wishes to extend the contract. Termite stations can be installed around perimeters to check every few months. If termites infest the baited stations that particular section of the structure can be treated at no charge to the customer. Many homes that have termites can expect the neighbors and other homes in the area to be infested. Baiting systems are not perfect and houses can still be prone to termites. Stations do not kill termites like many homeowners believe. They are simply a monitoring tool.


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Termite prevention is usually done during the construction of a building. Removing rotten wood or debris is important when building a structure. Pre treatments of cement footings can be performed immediately after pouring the footings. These treatments are not guarantees that termites will not appear but can be effective for several years. Repellants that don’t kill termites can be used as well as termidor which kills the whole colony. Termidor is more expensive than many other chemicals. Chemical barriers around the entire structure are necessary to ensure the protection of the entire building. Infested wood can be treated with properly labeled pesticides. Soil must be injected with chemical wherever possible. Cement must be drilled every foot to inject chemical under the cement.


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Generally, termites are found at or near ground level because they always have to travel back and forth from the ground. Cavities in wood are not always visible so it is important to tap on wood to hear if it is hollow. Probing wood with a screwdriver or similar tool can be effective. Rotting logs and trees around structures are prime areas for colonies to be found. Treating these areas is important to stop trees from being killed

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