Cockroaches for Dinner

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One of the best ways to get rid of any insect is a combination of different strategies.

Check out this article…

Although some cockroaches may not choose to eat certain bait, it’s very important to find the epicenter or breeding ground of the colony.  As the article states, they can begin to reproduce at a very early age, so the sooner you attack them at the source the better off you’re going to be. 

An interesting line in this article refers to the chance a cockroach may hitch a ride home with you in your shopping bag.  Sounds like the Bed Bug and the Cockroach are getting creative to find ways to infest your homes! 

Bed Bugs Hitting the Road

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Interesting article on…about bed bugs and how they can hitch a ride on just about anything.

Make sure you are aware of what the signs of Bed Bug infestations are.  You certainly don’t want these coming home with you after a trip.

Here are some simple things to look for:

  • Stains from Human Blood and Bed Bug Feces
  • Sheds from Bed Bug Skin
  • Eggs or Larvae 

To look for the actual bug is difficult because they are very small and typically come out at night to feed on you when you’re sleeping.  Nasty, I know… but it’s better to know this and identify it before it’s too late. 

If you decide to look for the actual bugs you may want to start with the mattress seams, baseboards and any cracks around the bed.  Bed Bugs typically stay close to beds because they don’t like to travel too far away from a meal… unless they like the taste of your blood and decide to hop in the car with you to make the trip back to your home.

Bat Eviction – Interview From Hard Hat, High Heels 10/01/10

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The ladies over at Hard Hat High Heels had Smart Pest Solutions, on their show other day to talk about critter control and have us show them the Smart Pest Solutions approach. This segment is the first from the show, illustrating the eviction process Smart Pest Solutions takes for bats in a residential location. This a great case study for critter control and demonstrates the care Smart Pest Solutions takes in servicing their clients.

Thanks so much to the Hard Hat High Heels crew for having us on. We look forward to working on more “Dirty Heels” segments in the future!

Bats in Your Attic?

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Here’s the video and story that ABC-5 ran on Pesky Bats Seeking Shelter in Homes.

Remember, with so many mosquitoes and insects to feast on this time of year, bats follow the food and love the humid air. They don’t need a big opening to find a place of residence in your attic.

Bedbug Bag Dropped at Des Moines Armory

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“Des Moines officials believe a saboteur most likely left a bag crawling with bedbugs in the hallway of a city office building.”

Bed BugThat’s the lead of a Des Moines Register front page story online today: Mischief Suspected in Des Moines bedbug drop at the Armory Buidling downtown

A nasty delivery to be sure. Bed bugs feed on blood, including the human variety.  Unfortunately, though custodians found the bag in the middle of a hallway (suspicious!), they didn’t find it soon enough. and some bugs spread through the building. About 200 people work in the Armory Building.

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Bats and Histoplasmosis

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Histoplasmosis is a spore that can be found in bat droppings. When droppings are disturbed or cleaned up these spores can become airborne. If breathed in, the spores can develop a fungus in the lungs. This can cause breathing problems and make people very sick. Great care should be used when cleaning up bat droppings including wearing a respirator and gloves. Droppings can be sprayed with bleach and water to keep spores from becoming airborne.


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Bats that are staying in house attics and walls will remain inactive but can still move around on warm days. The more movement a bat makes the more energy they use which can kill them. Bats can actually mate during the winter if temps reach higher levels. Colonies can reach levels of 50 up to 1000. Young bats can reach maturity frequently in as little as 3 weeks. Mother bats can distinguish there own young by smell and sound.

Cigarette Beetle

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Cigarette Beetle

These pests got the name from the fact that they infest tobacco products. They are found all over the world. Cigarette beetle adults are about 2-3 mm long and brown in color. Females lay white colored eggs and adults will fly to reach food and breeding areas.

The cigarette beetle will infest such things as: coffee beans, cigarettes, pet food, paprika, and spices just to name a few. If discovered, all food or infested items should be discarded. Remaining food items should be placed in sealed containers. Grocery stores where products were purchased should be notified.

Live link to Bald Eagle Nest

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This is a really cool look at nature. It’s an active bald eagle’s nest up near the Decorah fish factory…. and as a today there is an egg! It’ s a great opportunity to teach kiddos (and adults) about the their world. Link below.

Daddy Longlegs, Cellar Spiders

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Cellar/Daddy Longlegs Spiders

 Daddy longlegs have long legs about 2-8mm in length and are off brown colored. They are usually found along basement ceilings and front porches.

            Daddy longlegs are harmless to people and feed on other insects and spiders. Pest control can be used to keep numbers down but homeowners can also remove webs and eggs to keep numbers down. They are the most common spider of homeowners in Iowa and many other states.

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