Should I feed the deer?

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This winter has been brutal for the wildlife population. Unbelievable amounts of snow made it through global warming. This puts a distinct stress on the deer population here in Iowa. My father lives in a somewhat remote area outside of the Des Moines area and has taken to feeding deer. There is now a herd of about 30 plus deer stationed in his yard on a daily basis. These are not squirrels or birds. Will this protect the precious trees in his yard from being eaten? Will this save the Iowa deer ? The short answer is, no. While my father has a kind heart and has tamed a few Iowa deer they are not any less likely from eating his prescious foliage. In fact, feeding deer increases the likelihood that they will munch on your available greens and twigs. Instead, don’t feed your woodland friends. They will find food elsewhere and will be less likely to snack on your plants and trees.

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Im not Batman

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Last summer I was cleaning an attic where we thought the bats had all flown out. After getting through the hole in the ceiling I crawled about 30 feet to the wall, when I heard screaching sounds. The bats were still in the wall. They immediately began to fly out around 50 or so. As I started to make my way to the hole my flashlight went out. For all of you who have been in an attic you realize how difficult it is to manuever without light. The bats were buzzing my entire body and began to land on me. I sat as still as possible and tried not to panic. After about ten minutes they calmed down and I slowly made my way out. I have learned not to enter attics until the bats are completely gone. Im not batman.

Lesson to folks, always bring extra batteries when going into batty situations


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Bats are very misunderstood mammals and many people fear them for no reason. Most myths and stories about bats are completely unfounded and false. Bats serve a great purpose in nature by controlling insect and mosquito populations. Bats are the most beneficial form of natural pest control.

            Many Iowans have had encounters with bats in the home or living area and that is when bats are a nuisance. If bats have established colonies in attics or wall voids it can create a huge problem for home owners. Odors and dead bats make hot days even worse.

            The only way to get rid of bats in homes is to do a full blown house inspection and figure out where the bats are getting in. Many times this is easier said than done. Bats are like tiny flying mice so they can get in spaces and cracks up to a ¼ inch. Sealing every crack and crevice is necessary while installing vents that the bats can fly out of. After about a week, the vents can be removed and the openings sealed. Then the attic clean up begin.

That time of year … mice

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It seems the house mouse has, from an evolutionary standpoint, been very successful. In fact, they’ve been reported to be the second most successful life form, right behind humans. Hmmm…. What to do.

MiceThe truth is that there are a variety of successful strategies to defeating this pest. But one of the most commonly overlooked is that of prevention. Mice make themselves more “evident” to our eyes in the winter months. Seeking cover from the Iowa climate, they suddenly converge into our personal spaces, into the warmth and protection of sheds, garages, and the interiors of our most personal space, our homes.

Prevention is the first step in defeating this pest. First steps include assuring that cracks in your foundation are sealed. Other locations to check out include your dryer vent, kitchen exhaust fans, under decks and steps, and where the siding of your home meets the foundation. Each of these areas provides a possible entry point for the common house mouse. Additionally, keeping wood piles stored off the ground and away from your home is easy proactive approach.

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