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There are over 35,000 species of spider all over the world. Only about 2-3000 are known in the U.S. Spiders are found wherever there is adequate food, moisture and temperature. Every spider is considered a predator and in the U.S there are only two known types to be dangerous to humans (widows and recluses).

bird removal

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Smart Pest Solutions does offer bird evictions from structures. Bird services are similar to bat services and can include sealing of the home. Bird nests are removed as well as all holes sealed to prevent entry. Attics can be cleaned and nesting removed if possible. Some roofing repairs may need to be completed by a licensed roofing company

snake services

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Smart Pest Solutions offers snake services to homes and structures with snakes invading the inside. Smart Pest does not guarantee snake control in yards or around the perimeter but can prevent snakes from entering homes. All snake services are free estimates. Cracks and crevices that serve as entry points are sealed as well as applying a snake repellant to the perimeter of the house. Any snakes found inside are removed and transported. If structures are in desperate need of upgrading such as rotting wood, large cracks in cement, or holes in walls the homeowner may need to address these issues before service is performed

termite inspections

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Smart Pest Solutions offers termite inspections to real estate companies and homes for sale by owner. Inspections are complete and thorough with all necessary paperwork and reports. Inspections are valid for 90 days and if any problems are found free estimates are given. Termite inspections are required for all homes sold unless the buyer does not want one. Even brand new homes are vulnerable to termites

bed bug treatments

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Smart Pest Solutions offers bed bug treatments to residential and commercial accounts. Bed bug services may take several treatments and all estimates are free. A thorough inspection is done to determine the level of infestation and if the problem is actually bed bugs. If homeowners suspect bed bug activity they should address the problem immediately to keep the problem from escalating to the whole home. Spraying and dusting with chemical is done as well as educating the customer on what they can do. Homeowners should wash and dry all clothing and materials that can be put in the wash on high heat. Homes need to be clean and free of clutter to receive a thorough treatment. Smart Pest will not clean up clutter and clothes before treating. Fogging is sometimes necessary but not recommended in apartments and hotels

Bat removal

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Smart Pest Solutions offers bat services to homes and structures. Bat evictions can be difficult to do correctly and require thorough attention to the home. Bat evictions consist of locating all areas where bats are entering the home or roof and sealing all cracks or holes. Bats only need ΒΌ of an inch to fit into an opening so all cracks must be sealed. Eviction valves are installed on the main entry and exit holes so bats can fly out but cant get back in. Usually, a week of waiting is required after installing valves to make sure bats have flown out. If necessary, attics can be cleaned of bat droppings when bats have left the house. All bat services are free estimates. Three year warranties are included in the contracts and are valid if the home is sold. Bat infestations must be disclosed to any new home buyers.

mole control

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Smart Pest Solutions offers mole control to yards and areas around the structure. Mole contracts provide coverage for one year and treatments are performed as needed. Bait is used in the mole runs to kill the pests. Treatments are generally needed continually for the entire year. Prices are determined by the amount of activity and free estimates are available. Moles can be a never ending problem especially in timber areas and high grass. Moles feed on night crawlers and many gimmicky products bought at stores are completely useless. Some traps can be effective but are also difficult to set correctly and require constant checking and resetting

animal removal in iowa

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Smart Pest Solutions offers nuisance wildlife trapping services. Some animals covered include: raccoons, opossums, squirrels, groundhogs, and ground squirrels. All animals are live trapped and relocated to more suitable areas except ground squirrels. Traps are checked on a daily basis and if traps cannot be checked every 24 hours they are closed. Trapping jobs are always unique and free estimates are done. If possible, the home can be sealed to prevent animals from entering the household

termite treatments

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Smart Pest Solutions offers termite treatments to structures infested with termites. Structures have to be measured to determine the price of the treatments. If homeowners suspect termite activity smart pest will inspect the area for free and give free treatment estimates.

rodent control

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Smart Pest Solutions offers rodent services to residential and commercial accounts. The service can be adjusted to the needs of the customer. Rodent bait, snap traps, glue boards, and box traps can be used in combination to reduce rodent numbers. Thorough inspections are often in order to help keep new rodents from infesting homes. All gaps and cracks are sealed with permission from the homeowner. Homeowners can help keep rodent numbers down by keeping pet food and bird seed sealed. Keep garage doors closed and seal any gaps on the home.

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