Household Troublemakers

January 14, 2010 by  

In the state of Iowa there are a handful of ants that can become household troublemakers. The most famous are probably carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants will damage wood by chewing and excavating holes to make nests. Many times people will notice piles of “sawdust” which looks like someone just cut a board in the area. This is the wood they are getting rid of to make a nest.

Carpenters will swarm two or three times a year just like termites. When swarming, they fly and then drop their wings in an area they like. Hopefully, homeowners get them treated before they do damage to a wall or other areas of the home. The ants can reach large sizes even up to an inch long. They prefer to make the nests in softer, water damaged wood but this is not always the case.


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