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Mosquitoes are found throughout the U.S and the world. They carry numerous diseases including: West nile virus, malaria, dengue and yellow fever just to name a few. Some species found in the U.S are yellow fever mosquito, tiger, floodwater, northern house, southern house, and eastern mosquitoes. Eggs are laid on stagnant or slow moving water and develop into adults. Eggs develop in just a few days.

            There are several different tactics homeowners can use to keep mosquitoe numbers down in the summer. Gutters and eaves on homes should be cleared of standing water and debris. Bird baths also offer water that is perfect for eggs and young. Spraying and fogging can be done on a regular basis to keep adult numbers in check. Adults like to congregate on leaves and bushes during the day so these are great areas to spray. Standing water in the yard or anywhere around the home should be removed. Many city and state governments will fog neighborhoods on a regular basis especially in areas with creeks and ponds. Citronella candles can also help keep mosquitoes at bay. Proper screens and exclusion practices can be used to keep mosquitoes out of homes. Use proper clothing at night along with a repellant when going outside.


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