Nuisance Wildlife Removal


RaccoonsThe loss of Iowa’s woodlands and farmlands to development has gradually increased the problems between humans and wildlife. Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and ground squirrels are most often the cause for homeowners to call a wildlife operator. Raccoons can cause enormous amounts of damage to roofs, offsets, attics, and chimneys. Squirrels can do the same. Once inside structures, droppings create odor and sanitary problems as well as clean up expenses.


MiceHouse mice are small about 3-4″ in length, they can be brown or gray in color. House mice need only about 1/4″ gaps in homes to enter a structure. They prefer to feed on grains and seeds. Both mice and rats have been shown to transmit harmful diseases and allergens.

Norway Rats are the most prolific rat in the world and can be up to 12″ long, gray, black or brown in color. Rats are known to carry many diseases as well as fleas. Rats generally require gaps no larger than a quarter to enter a structure.

What We Will Do
RatsWe will inspect premises to determine entrance areas and seal small gaps as necessary. Additionally baiting and live trapping are effective measures to eradicate existing rodents from structure.  Removal of open food is an important step for homeowners to take and we will work to help you identify these food sources.