Our extended service plan is designed to treat your current pest problems and prevent future pest infestations. With knowledge of the pests’ common to Iowa, we are able to examine seasonal pest trends and have developed a plan to target these specific pest needs. We believe in our services and also think that you should get what you pay for. If at any time you develop pest infestations in between services we are glad to treat at no additional charge. Our goal is to provide long term pest solutions while using low risk materials and methods.

Refer to pest library for specific information.

The Extended Service Plan includes four services throughout the summer and one service during the winter to treat the interior of your home. Our pricing for services may vary depending on the size of your home or specific pest needs. However, the following prices are typical to the service we provide. We are always willing to develop a plan specific to your pest needs. However, the following prices are typical to the service we provide. We know our prices are affordable and services top of the line, and for this reason we are capable of posting our prices. Additionally, we believe in being honest and straight forward in all areas of our business. We encourage you to check our prices with area competitors.

Our Promise

All of Smart Pest Solutions Extended Plans are 100% money-back ensured. We stand by the quality of our work and promise to work with you to develop a pest program that meets your individual needs. If you are ever not satisfied with the services you receive we will reimburse the cost of your last service. Additionally, if you have any pest infestations between Extended Services we will gladly come back to your house, discuss your pest concerns and develop a solution to your pest problems at no charge to you.