animal removal

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All entry points on structures should be sealed with screens and proper materials to prevent re entry. Get rid of wood piles and dead trees near the home to eliminate other areas that will attract unwanted guests. Keep pet food and bird seeds sealed to eliminate food sources. Make sure crawlspaces and basements have no entry points for animals. Underneath porches are also entry points for nuisance wildlife.

animal trapping

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When animals become nuisances they can be live trapped by pest control operators. After trapping, the animals should be moved to safe timber areas at least 15 minutes away. Most animals will survive relocation and have a better atmosphere to live in. Homeowners should not attempt to catch animals in attics on their own. Raccoons can become aggressive if they have babies and several animals can carry rabies and other diseases. Masks should be worn when cleaning up droppings to prevent people from getting sick.