animal removal in iowa

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Smart Pest Solutions offers nuisance wildlife trapping services. Some animals covered include: raccoons, opossums, squirrels, groundhogs, and ground squirrels. All animals are live trapped and relocated to more suitable areas except ground squirrels. Traps are checked on a daily basis and if traps cannot be checked every 24 hours they are closed. Trapping jobs are always unique and free estimates are done. If possible, the home can be sealed to prevent animals from entering the household

nuisance wildlife

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Nuisance wildlife trappers are required to check traps every 24 hours to transport any animals. If traps cannot be checked they should be closed. Every year, all animals trapped have to be recorded and sent into the Iowa DNR. If animals that have been trapped seem sick they should be properly euthanized

animal trapping

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When animals become nuisances they can be live trapped by pest control operators. After trapping, the animals should be moved to safe timber areas at least 15 minutes away. Most animals will survive relocation and have a better atmosphere to live in. Homeowners should not attempt to catch animals in attics on their own. Raccoons can become aggressive if they have babies and several animals can carry rabies and other diseases. Masks should be worn when cleaning up droppings to prevent people from getting sick.