Iowa Honey Ant Control

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Ants and ant control in Iowa Honey Ants

Light to dark brown, 3to 4 mm in length. Honey ants feed on sweets and found in soil in shady, cool areas. Honey ants feed until size is abnormal and then regurgitate to feed the other ants. Control of honey ants is not usually necessary in the home

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crazy ant control

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Ants and Ant control in Iowa Crazy Ants

Dark Brown in color 2 to 3 mm long. Crazy ants prefer to feed on sweets, meat and grease. Commonly found in crevices in buildings. Crazy ants usually wonder around aimlessly which gives them the name crazy ants. Control of crazy ants is obtained with spraying residuals and dusting.

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Ant control in iowa cornfield ants

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Ants and Ant control  in Iowa Cornfield Ant

Brown to blackish and 2 to 3mm long. Feed on sweets and meat. Common nests are found in the lawn with large mounds. Cornfield ants are usually the main ant that invades picnic areas. Control in homes is not usually necessary but can be obtained with over the counter residual sprays and dusts. Cornfield ants will not cause any damage but simply are a nuisance. Treating large ant nests in the yard and then removing can help. Use boric acid or similar dusts

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Ants and Ant control in iowa

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Ants and Ant control in Iowa Acrobat Ants

There are only a handful of ants to contend with in Iowa. Acrobat ants are yellowish brown and about 4mm long. Food is sweets, meats, and grease. Many people refer to them as sweet ants because they are often found feeding on sweets. Nests are located in wood, under stones, and foundations. They can sting and bite and control can be difficult if not done by a professional

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