Bat services

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Bats can live up to 25 years in prime conditions. Bats are only a nuisance when they take up residence in homes. Bat houses can be installed on trees outside of buildings to give bats more living areas. Bat encounters with humans are rare and only a small amount of bats have rabies.

Im not Batman

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Last summer I was cleaning an attic where we thought the bats had all flown out. After getting through the hole in the ceiling I crawled about 30 feet to the wall, when I heard screaching sounds. The bats were still in the wall. They immediately began to fly out around 50 or so. As I started to make my way to the hole my flashlight went out. For all of you who have been in an attic you realize how difficult it is to manuever without light. The bats were buzzing my entire body and began to land on me. I sat as still as possible and tried not to panic. After about ten minutes they calmed down and I slowly made my way out. I have learned not to enter attics until the bats are completely gone. Im not batman.

Lesson to folks, always bring extra batteries when going into batty situations