Bat services

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Bats can live up to 25 years in prime conditions. Bats are only a nuisance when they take up residence in homes. Bat houses can be installed on trees outside of buildings to give bats more living areas. Bat encounters with humans are rare and only a small amount of bats have rabies.


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Bats in Iowa Big Brown Bats, Little Brown Bats, Red Bats, Northern Long Eared Bats, Hoary Bats, Evening Bat, Silver Haired Bat, and Eastern Pipistrelle. Some bats can carry rabies. The state of Illinois has marked an increase in rabies in the last few years (see news blogs). However, rabies should not be a concern of homeowns. Histoplasmosis is another health factor associated with bats. If bats establish a colony in attics or walls excess droppings can contain this spore. Cleaning these droppings and making the spores airborne can cause some respiratory problems. Respirators should be worn at all times when cleaning bat droppings.