Bat removal

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Smart Pest Solutions offers bat services to homes and structures. Bat evictions can be difficult to do correctly and require thorough attention to the home. Bat evictions consist of locating all areas where bats are entering the home or roof and sealing all cracks or holes. Bats only need ¼ of an inch to fit into an opening so all cracks must be sealed. Eviction valves are installed on the main entry and exit holes so bats can fly out but cant get back in. Usually, a week of waiting is required after installing valves to make sure bats have flown out. If necessary, attics can be cleaned of bat droppings when bats have left the house. All bat services are free estimates. Three year warranties are included in the contracts and are valid if the home is sold. Bat infestations must be disclosed to any new home buyers.

Bats and Histoplasmosis

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Histoplasmosis is a spore that can be found in bat droppings. When droppings are disturbed or cleaned up these spores can become airborne. If breathed in, the spores can develop a fungus in the lungs. This can cause breathing problems and make people very sick. Great care should be used when cleaning up bat droppings including wearing a respirator and gloves. Droppings can be sprayed with bleach and water to keep spores from becoming airborne.

Bats in Iowa

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Keeping screens on windows and doors will prevent bats from directly flying into the house. Attached garages should have the doors shut at night. Make sure screens are in tact on attic screens and lattice areas. New roofs are sometimes necessary if wood and siding is in bad shape. Bats will fly in and out of structures at sunset and then continue throughout the night as they feed on insects. Bats will not fly in and out in the winter as insects are not there to feed on. In spring, nighttime temps need to reach around 40 degrees to begin feedings for bats.

bat services in iowa

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Bats in homes and structures

Catching bats in a home can be tricky. Use towels or nets to contain the bat and then release it in another area outside. Releasing it close to the house will not do much good as the bat will probably just reenter where it originally got in. Gimmicky sound devices and moth balls do not work to repel bats. The best method of permanently keeping bats out of the house is a bat eviction service. This includes sealing all gaps that are a ¼ inch or greater and installing bat vents on areas that bats use to get in. After about a week, the vents can be removed and sealed. This is the only real way to keep bats from entering homes.

Bat removal iowa

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When bats enter homes they can also bring other visitors with them. Ectoparasites are a fancy name for varieties of bed bugs, bat bugs, fleas, mites, and chiggers. When a bat eviction service is performed it is also sometimes necessary to fog the areas when bats are out of the attic. This will kill any left over parasites.


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Fall is a time of migration for many bat species in North America, this is also when large numbers of bats may enter buildings and structures. Bats are looking for safe areas to mate and reproduce. The four main species of bats in Iowa are big brown bat, little brown, northern, and eastern bats. The big brown bat will over winter in attics and walls without migrating.