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Bat houses are not expensive and can be purchased at outdoor stores. These can give bats more areas to roost and not look for other areas to enter a home. Bats will not attack people but can bite if they are stepped on or handled. Only about 1-5% of bats carry rabies in Iowa.

bat services in iowa

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Bats in homes and structures

Catching bats in a home can be tricky. Use towels or nets to contain the bat and then release it in another area outside. Releasing it close to the house will not do much good as the bat will probably just reenter where it originally got in. Gimmicky sound devices and moth balls do not work to repel bats. The best method of permanently keeping bats out of the house is a bat eviction service. This includes sealing all gaps that are a ¼ inch or greater and installing bat vents on areas that bats use to get in. After about a week, the vents can be removed and sealed. This is the only real way to keep bats from entering homes.

Bat services

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Bats can live up to 25 years in prime conditions. Bats are only a nuisance when they take up residence in homes. Bat houses can be installed on trees outside of buildings to give bats more living areas. Bat encounters with humans are rare and only a small amount of bats have rabies.


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Bats are very misunderstood mammals and many people fear them for no reason. Most myths and stories about bats are completely unfounded and false. Bats serve a great purpose in nature by controlling insect and mosquito populations. Bats are the most beneficial form of natural pest control.

            Many Iowans have had encounters with bats in the home or living area and that is when bats are a nuisance. If bats have established colonies in attics or wall voids it can create a huge problem for home owners. Odors and dead bats make hot days even worse.

            The only way to get rid of bats in homes is to do a full blown house inspection and figure out where the bats are getting in. Many times this is easier said than done. Bats are like tiny flying mice so they can get in spaces and cracks up to a ¼ inch. Sealing every crack and crevice is necessary while installing vents that the bats can fly out of. After about a week, the vents can be removed and the openings sealed. Then the attic clean up begin.