bat services in iowa

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Bats in homes and structures

Catching bats in a home can be tricky. Use towels or nets to contain the bat and then release it in another area outside. Releasing it close to the house will not do much good as the bat will probably just reenter where it originally got in. Gimmicky sound devices and moth balls do not work to repel bats. The best method of permanently keeping bats out of the house is a bat eviction service. This includes sealing all gaps that are a ΒΌ inch or greater and installing bat vents on areas that bats use to get in. After about a week, the vents can be removed and sealed. This is the only real way to keep bats from entering homes.


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Bats in Iowa Big Brown Bats, Little Brown Bats, Red Bats, Northern Long Eared Bats, Hoary Bats, Evening Bat, Silver Haired Bat, and Eastern Pipistrelle. Some bats can carry rabies. The state of Illinois has marked an increase in rabies in the last few years (see news blogs). However, rabies should not be a concern of homeowns. Histoplasmosis is another health factor associated with bats. If bats establish a colony in attics or walls excess droppings can contain this spore. Cleaning these droppings and making the spores airborne can cause some respiratory problems. Respirators should be worn at all times when cleaning bat droppings.