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High heat machines are now being used to heat areas up to 130 degrees to kill bed bugs and eggs. Some strains of bed bugs are becoming resistant to pyrethroid chemicals and can be extremely hard to kill. High heat treatments can be expensive and time consuming. New methods are constantly being tested to assist in killing these annoying bed bugs. Dogs are also being trained to detect the presence of the bugs.

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Bed bugs prefer to live and lay eggs within 20 feet of human hosts. This can include: mattresses, headboards, pictures on walls, light fixtures and sockets, electrical equipment, and toys or clothes. Bed bugs only need the thickness of a credit card to enter and hide.  Eggs are tiny and white to translucent and almost impossible to see unless they are on a dark surface. Adult females will lay 2 eggs per day up to 200 total so numbers can reach high levels very quickly. Eggs will usually hatch in a week in ideal conditions. Eggs go through a five step metamorphosis and will not feed until they are in the nymph stage. They must have a blood feeding to continue development to an adult.