Bat Eviction – Interview From Hard Hat, High Heels 10/01/10

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The ladies over at Hard Hat High Heels had Smart Pest Solutions, on their show other day to talk about critter control and have us show them the Smart Pest Solutions approach. This segment is the first from the show, illustrating the eviction process Smart Pest Solutions takes for bats in a residential location. This a great case study for critter control and demonstrates the care Smart Pest Solutions takes in servicing their clients.

Thanks so much to the Hard Hat High Heels crew for having us on. We look forward to working on more “Dirty Heels” segments in the future!

Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumble bees because they are generally the same size. They do not have the same yellow stripes as bumble bees, however.

Carpenter bees are one of the few bee species that will create damage to structures and homes. The bees will bore holes in wood and create galleries where they nest. The entrance holes will be plugged for extra protection.

Carpenter bees can become very aggressive if humans get too close to the wood openings. Many of the males do not have stingers but females do and will use them. Homeowners can help repel the bees by keeping wood freshly painted or using a repellant liquid insecticide on wood.

More About Bees

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Bumble bees do not nest in many human structures, but can become a nuisance because of interaction with flowers and plants around homes.

They can and do sting when disturbed so people need to be careful around them. Usually, however, they will not bother you if they are not distubred.

Control can be accomplished by using insecticide on the nests when located. Usually, the nests are in the ground or grass. Exterminators have the best success when they use dusts or repellant liquids. You should always use an exterminator when trying to handle a nest.

When Bees Are Dangerous

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As most people know, many bees and wasps are an extremely beneficial insect. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating 1 in 3 foods that humans consume.

However, bee and wasp stings can be deadly to people who are allergic. Approximately 30 percent of all stinging insect deaths in the U.S. are from bees and wasps.

Control should only be used when bees become a nuisance around homes and other areas when there is a high chance of human encounters.