Daddy Longlegs, Cellar Spiders

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Cellar/Daddy Longlegs Spiders

 Daddy longlegs have long legs about 2-8mm in length and are off brown colored. They are usually found along basement ceilings and front porches.

            Daddy longlegs are harmless to people and feed on other insects and spiders. Pest control can be used to keep numbers down but homeowners can also remove webs and eggs to keep numbers down. They are the most common spider of homeowners in Iowa and many other states.

Daddy Longlegs

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Daddy longlegs spiders can be intimidating because of the enormous length of the legs but they are harmless to people. They feed on other spiders and insects and are often found around exteriors of homes and porches. Daddy longlegs stay fairly inactive in the day and come out mostly at night to feed. Residual chemical sprays and dusts can be effective measures to keep numbers down in the spring and summer.