wolf spiders

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Wolf Spiders

There are about 100 species of wolf spider in the U.S. They can be intimidating because of the large sizes they can reach, up to 35mm. usually black in color; they are also brown and spotted. Wolf spiders hunt large insects and run quite fast on the ground. They have burrows in the ground and usually leave at night to hunt prey.

            Wolf spiders can be found frequently indoors and can bite humans. They also help keep general insect numbers in check. Wood piles, underneath stones and rocks are good breeding grounds for the spiders. The large, hairy appearance is usually the worst thing about these spiders. Wolf spiders are active in day and night

Jumping Spiders

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Jumping Spiders

This spider gets its name from the fact that they can jump to get to their prey. They are small about 4-10 mm. Jumping spiders have large eyes and a “fuzzy” appearance. Some have red on their back which can be mistaken for black widow markings. They are harmless to humans and can be found indoors.

            Jumping spiders do not catch prey in webs but will have small webs for protection and escape. They are unusual from other spiders in that they will be quite active during the day and love warm, sunny days. They can jump up to 20 times their body length. They can be found on cement porches, woodpiles, fences and old wood. Control is obtained through spraying

rodent control

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Smart Pest Solutions offers rodent services to residential and commercial accounts. The service can be adjusted to the needs of the customer. Rodent bait, snap traps, glue boards, and box traps can be used in combination to reduce rodent numbers. Thorough inspections are often in order to help keep new rodents from infesting homes. All gaps and cracks are sealed with permission from the homeowner. Homeowners can help keep rodent numbers down by keeping pet food and bird seed sealed. Keep garage doors closed and seal any gaps on the home.


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Smart Pest Solutions Services

Smart Pest offers many different pest control services. All services include free estimates.  General insect sprays can be performed all year. These services help keep insect levels down and under control. Most customers prefer 5 sprays per year, every other month in the spring and summer with one inside service dec-march. Inside and outside of the home can be sprayed depending on the customers wishes. General sprays cover many insects including: spiders, wasps, ants, roaches, rodents, centipedes, and millipedes


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Proper termite inspections are necessary to determine if they are present and or active. Looking in crawlspaces is in order as well as rafters in basements and along foundation walls. Shelter tubes are a give away but can’t always be seen. If termites are inside of a wall there may be small holes coming out with sand or mud coming out. This is an indicator of damage inside the wall. Highly infested wood may simply crumble to the touch. Some companies may use termite detecting dogs or cameras for looking inside wall voids. Measuring the structure is the only way to determine costs of treatment. Termite chemicals can be expensive but very effective. Main shelter tubes and mud tunnels should be treated thoroughly. Breaking the tubes can make the termites leave the area to infest a new portion of wood. This should only be done after treating the soil with chemical.


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Subterranean Termites

Termites are responsible for thousands of dollars of damage to homes all over Iowa every year. The control and treatment of termites is very large part of the pest control industry. Not all pest companies do termite work due to the large amount of liability involved. Many homeowners are frustrated with the amount of money involved with termites which can be expensive not only for treatments but for paying for damage repair. Pest control specialists must know how to treat termites safely and effectively to kill the entire colony