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Centipedes can be a nuisance when they invade homes. Turning on lights at night and seeing a large centipede sprint across the floor can be intimidating. They can reach lengths of up to 6 inches long. Centipedes are usually yellow or tan in color. These insects feed on flies and or spiders and can bite when handled. Bites can be painful.

            Control is usually obtained by spraying and removal of decaying vegetation, rotting wood and other harbor areas around the structure.

Boxelder Bugs

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Boxelder Bugs

This insect is a pest of boxelder trees which is how they got the name. Boxelders used to only inhabit the western portion of the U.S. but have now spread all over. They usually congregate on the warm sides of houses in the spring and summer. In winter, they will over winter in attics, wall voids, and warm areas of homes. Adults are black and red, younger boxelders are completely red.