Bat Eviction – Interview From Hard Hat, High Heels 10/01/10

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The ladies over at Hard Hat High Heels had Smart Pest Solutions, on their show other day to talk about critter control and have us show them the Smart Pest Solutions approach. This segment is the first from the show, illustrating the eviction process Smart Pest Solutions takes for bats in a residential location. This a great case study for critter control and demonstrates the care Smart Pest Solutions takes in servicing their clients.

Thanks so much to the Hard Hat High Heels crew for having us on. We look forward to working on more “Dirty Heels” segments in the future!

“Citronella” Ants

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Yellow ants are also referred to as citronella ants because they give off the odor of citronella when crushed. They are often mistaken for termites as they have a yellow or golden color.

The biology of these ants is still not well known as they spend most of the time underground and have a nocturnal activity period. They may cluster around pipes and drains or heavy moisture areas. They may also be prone to rotting wood or high water soaked wood.

Replacing rotting wood and sealing cracks can help in keeping the ants out of homes.

Odorous House Ants

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These ants produce a rotten odor when crushed which is how they get the name. They become a nuisance because of the enormous numbers that can arise, up to 100,000 can live in a single colony. Usually, nests have about 2000 to 10000. Odorous ants prefer areas with constant moisture and usually feed on protein based products such as meats and cheeses. Grease is another preferred food source and many homeowners refer to the ants as grease ants.

Odorous house ants will not cause damage like carpenter ants but are a nuisance by getting into food. Homeowners can try to control them by keeping food, grease and crumbs cleaned up and eliminating food sources. Sealing cracks and crevices will make it more difficult for the ants to enter homes. If these tactics don’t work exterminators have to use insecticide and also bait with protein based poison. The ants eat the bait and take it back to the nests. Getting rid of all the ants can be extremely difficult at times.