Confused Flour Beetle

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Confused Flour Beetle

The confused flour beetle is found all over the world but mostly in northern states in the U.S. Adults is 3-4 mm long and light brown in color. It is the most common infest pest in homes and grocery stores. Confused flour beetles infest products such as: spices, fruits, pepper, drugs and milk chocolate just to name a few.

            If discovered, infested food should be thrown out. Grocery stores should be notified of the infestation. Keep food in sealed containers.

Disease Killing Bats

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According to an article I found at, there is a mysterious disease killing bats in Kentucky. They were listed as gray bats, which in the past have been listed as endangered, but have been making a comeback. They can live up to 30 years and have a wingspan of 10-11 inches.

So far 2 rabid bats were found with the disease, but what seems to be a bigger problem is “white-nose syndrome”. It’s called this due to the fungus found on the noses of sick or dead bats. This has spread to four states, and has killed tens of thousands of bats. So far there doesn’t seem to be an explanation for the sicknesses, and researchers are scrambling to find answers.

I have not heard of this disease happening anywhere around Iowa, but it would be devastating to have a bat-less society. They eat their weight in mosquitoes every night, and are great for the ecosystem. To read the full article, click here.